Monday, June 07, 2010

Camping at Dworshak State Park

Immediately upon returning from California, we headed out again for our annual camping trip with the Dimelers and the Reagans. This year we headed south to Dworshak State Park in our great state of Idaho.

Even though before we left I was dreading the trip (tired toddler and tired 8-month pregnant mama from our previous adventures) it was so wonderful I forgot that I hadn't wanted to go that morning. Usually we just go the tent route, but with toddlers, that's a little more difficult. This year we rented a great cabin for the women and babies and the men roughed it in tents. And everyone slept! Except the kiddos still woke up early, but who wants to stay in bed when there's the great outdoors to explore!

We enjoyed celebrating Mark's 36th birthday with a tiramisu cake that Corinne made (yum!), watched a silly movie on a laptop on the front porch during a rainstorm while the kids slept (very cozy), went on a hike, ate too much delicious food (brats, bean salad, Thai beef wraps with cabbage slaw and fruit salsa, roasted chicken and turkey sandwiches with basil and all the fixings, and watermelon). Basically, too much fun in three days.

There are oodles of pictures below, so enjoy!

The aftermath: Hazel shocked at the mess on the kitchen table and the gorgeous flowers her dad brought home during lunch today.


Mary and Jim said...

Love the pictures. especially the 2 cakey little faces. And Hazel's reaction to the flowers. Are those azaleas?

Mary and Jim said...
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Sarah said...

My jaw was dropped open at the thought of you sleeping in a tent at nearly 8 mo. pregnant and then I read on to see you got a cabin. Phew! Glad you guys had fun! :)

Aunt Cheryl said...

Loved those flowers -- they were beautiful and Hazel's expression was enough to take my breath away. Sorry about the strawberry allergy -- Gregg misses out on those all the time and that means I get a 2nd piece of the dessert. Elizabeth made a pretzel - strawberry dessert last night that was good and made sure I got my piece while he had chocolate Bunny cake. Thanks for sharing all the precious photos! Lots of love -- best wishes as your pregnancy is closer to delivery:) Aunt Cheryl