Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Visiting with old friends and making new ones

When we were in California, we of course got together with our very good friends, the Drosts. They have two wonderful little boys, Riley and Spencer. Riley is 4 and a half and Spencer is almost 2. We had such a good time hanging out with Herman and Lindsey and Hazel I think fell instantly in love with Riley.

They were inseparable the whole evening at the park and Riley was so sweet to walk around with her and they even held hands. Hazel's never really latched onto another kid like this, so it was hilarious to watch her with him. She was even repeating his name over and over again within minutes. RIEEY! RIEEY! Even now that we're home, if I say his name, she gets very excited and looks around for him.

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Mary and Jim said...

Cute pictures. Too bad you don't live closer so you can all see each other more often!