Thursday, April 19, 2012


That is Klaas' new favorite word.  And our recent weather (except for a rainy day here and there) has been warm! We love having our own backyard here at the new place.   Especially since our neighbor put up a little swing for his daughter and our kids to play on.  Hazel pulled their slide down next to the swing and announced that we have our own park now.  There is the problem that we are down from the street, so the kids aren't able to ride their bikes as easily.  But that just takes more parental initiative to take them up to the street to scoot around.

Hazel's new sandals for the summer came the other day.  The rest of the afternoon was spent prancing and skipping outside.  "They're red!  They're red!"  She also came up with this pose and had me take about 10 pictures of her in her "active" position.


And now our lawn is much greener than in these pictures thanks to rain recently.  It's also had to get it's first mow of the season (I know, we're a tad behind the rest of the world when it comes to spring).  The kids love spending as much of the day outside as they can.  It's also great fun that we have quail and squirrels constantly running through our yard.  No rabbits yet, but I'm sure we'll see some soon.  There are two neighborhood cats the kids love to try and call and get to come over (hasn't happened yet).  We also have two pink squirrels that we think some college kids captured and painted.  The poor guys' tails are almost all gone, probably due to the stress of being captured and the embarrassment of now being pink. 

Last Saturday we had our first neighborhood potluck breakfast.  So much fun and a great time of fellowship.  We already knew most of our neighbors and there are several other small kids for H and K to play with.

We are so enjoying our little spot up on the hill!

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