Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The April Birthday

We had a birthday this weekend.  Jason turned 30 and we celebrated in a quiet, dignified manner.  We went out Saturday for a yummy dinner (ribeye for the guy and a hamburger cooked in duck fat for the girl - yes, it was that delicious) and then on a shopping excursion to our local mega store.

We haven't brought it home yet, but a large electronic device will soon grace our living room.  We're buying a TV.  I know!  We won't be using our computer for all our entertainment needs anymore.  I think Jason's going to check out the selection the next town over since our store didn't have the one he wanted and he really wants to get his present home.

On Sunday, his actual birthday, we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  This is Jason's favorite, but I had never made it until this weekend.  Super easy and super delicious.

We hung out all afternoon and Hazel helped me make.....a lemon tart.  Which was the start of a few problems with the birthday.  Earlier I had suggested lemon meringue pie to him and he said that it sounded fine.  I of course thought, oh no, I'm talking him into something he's not that interested in.  So I decided to make something a little different.  Pie comes out and he says, "where's the meringue?"  Whoops.

And the kids were fighting some sort of cold that day, and by dinner time, despite good naps, they were both melting all over the place.  So over our dinner of salmon with pineapple salsa, potatoes, and salad with green goddess dressing, we were parenting some rather cranky children.  We ended up skipping the official birthday pie until Monday.  Of course, Jason and I had pieces of lemon tart after the kids went to bed.  It was yummy.  You can't go wrong with lemon desserts. 

On Monday, I went back to the store to get more eggs and made a lemon meringue pie.  But my timing wasn't that great and it wasn't cooled off enough by the time we were done with dinner, so we had slices of the lemon tart from Sunday.  Jason opened his present from the kids: socks.  Hazel decided that's what Daddy really wanted for his birthday and we picked out some nice warm wool hiking socks.  I think I need to guide her gift selection a bit more.

So that was my wonderful husband's 30th birthday extravaganza spread out over 3 days.  We love him so much, it takes us three days to get through all the birthday-ness.  (Or maybe I'm just disorganized and we have two small children.)

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Mary and Jim said...

But isn't he worth celebrating for 3 days?