Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Day

This little guy is sick.

So we watched Mary Poppins while it rained yesterday and Hazel finished working on her sewing project.

I finished it for her by putting a border and back on it and stuffing it while she napped.

She was excited to have it done and slept with it last night.  For the back and border I used some Heather Ross material.  We both like the horses.  I am so proud of her first sewing project!  She did a great job.

I also finished some linen pants for Klaas and the green knit dress Hazel is wearing in these pictures.  I have probably 15 unfinished projects in my stash that I'm trying to work through before the baby is born.  I'm 33 weeks.  Eek!  Not quite sure how we got to this point so quickly.

Only about two months until we meet our newest little guy!


Grandma Shellie said...

Hazel-you did a wonderful job. You are very talented.

Grace said...

O my goodness I love this Liz. I might have Phoebe make one.