Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Some recent comments from the kids.

Mom, I put some clothes on the ground because you like picking things up!

Mommy, can you please not vacuum right now?  I'm trying to listen to The Sound of Music.

He now can say "no" fairly clearly and with conviction.   
He also shakes his head "no" to most questions.
I guess he's officially a toddler now.

My parents came to visit this weekend and brought the kids some new treats.  Hazel has now worn the same dress for 3 days and wears her new red boots everywhere.  Klaas doesn't really care about his new clothes.

Hazel and Klaas have also discovered the wonder that is icebox cake.  It's just chocolate cookies layered with whipped cream, but oh how yummy.

I think we're on the way out of naps for Hazel, though we are still doing an enforced "lie on the bed and read books" time in the afternoon.   

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