Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An announcement

Jason and I are very happy and excited to say that we are expecting Baby Shoe #3 next June!  I'm just about 10 weeks along right now and last week we got to see the little guy/girl with Hazel and Klaas.  Klaas was not very impressed, but Hazel was rather fascinated.  She keeps asking us when the baby gets to come out and play and talk.  And then she demonstrates her super awesome baby-holding skills.  The Lord is truly blessing us (and challenging us to continue on the straight and narrow in trying to raise up these children in a way that honors and glorifies Him) by adding to our family. 

So the past few weeks have mostly consisted of me groaning about how gross I feel and Jason doing the dishes after a long day doing tile or hanging siding.  What a man.  Hazel and Klaas are slightly less understanding, so I'm still trying to come up with activities for them, especially as the weather has turned very cold around here lately. 

So that is our latest and greatest news!  Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon and things will start getting back to normal around here.  Though tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the fire station - exciting!  I will be sure to take some pictures to show off.

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