Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fallish things

We've had a busy week or so since I last posted.  Hazel's been moving right along through her workbooks and is doing wonderfully at some pre-writing exercises, though we need to work on counting some more (she seems to skip the number 4 and 6 quite a bit).  We also need to practice sitting Indian-style/still since when Jason went to pick her up from AWANA last night, she was not sitting nicely like most of the group, but instead was lying on her stomach and occasionally rolling around.  While we don't normally condone sheep-like thinking, in classroom instances, it's the best way to go.  So we told her, when in doubt, do what everyone else is doing when you're at AWANA.

Here she is helping make some apple cider.

 And stringing a leaf garland.

We've been getting together with some friends once a week for crafts.  So far we've made apple stamps, woodland creatures, and leaf crowns.  Klaas actually wore his for a few minutes.

Refusing to model the crown.  But she is wearing a jumper that I wore when I was little. 

Klaas and Nigel are buds.

We went to our church's annual fall carnival on Sunday evening.  We brought Encarnacion and Ignacio/Nacho, from Nacho Libre.  It's a tale of the unrequited love of a priest/wannabe wrestler and a nun.  Well, it's mostly about Nacho, the monk, and his quest to become a luchador.  If you haven't seen it, it's hilarious.  Very goofy.  Hazel thought she was Maria from The Sound of Music though.



Shellie said...

I am sure that she thought she was Maria and walked around singing "Doe-a deer, a female deer"

sewing said...

So cute Kids these all are.They all are with well dressed with nice crowns.Happy to see them all.

3d photo editor said...

I love kids and here every picture looking wonderful. I am so excited for see them all photos, Every kids looking so innocent and cute.