Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Klaas' birth

When we were waiting for Klaas to be born, I guess we assumed a couple of things: 1) that his labor would progress as steadily as Hazel's did in a normal way; and 2) that it would be shorter and easier to push him out.

Well, things don't always go as you expect.

I had the exact same due date as Hazel, July 20, but since she was so late we assumed that nothing would happen in July.  And we were right.

Finally, on Hazel's 2nd birthday, August 1st, a Sunday, I started feeling contractions.  That morning I was so uncomfortable and hot and ready to be done we didn't go to church.  My parents came over (they had driven over from Seattle a few days prior since I wanted help chasing Hazel around) for Hazel's birthday breakfast and we had fun celebrating and giving her way too many presents.  She was so excited for her new kitchen.

For lunch, we brough a bbq to the park.  While there, I was having contractions.  They were uncomfortable enough that I didn't want to talk while one was going on, but they were rather irregular (5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes).  That lasted all afternoon.

We went home and while Hazel took her nap, I lay down.  Unfortunately, things were so uncomfortable I didn't get much of a nap.  I had wanted to get as much rest as I could, knowing Hazel's labor had gone on for a while.

The rest of the evening was spent with my parents and while I kept having contractions, they weren't ever regular enough to make me think that I was really going to go into active labor soon.  I was hoping and praying this would happen since I was so overdue and just wanted to get the little guy out.

That night we tried to sleep and my mom and dad knew we probably would be calling them sometime in the middle of the night to come over so we could go to the hospital.  I tried taking a Tylenol PM to get some sleep since the contractions were painful, but so irregular.  That didn't help at all. I've discovered that when I'm really keyed up, I need something strong to knock me out.

Around 4 in the morning, I decided that I wanted to go to the hospital just to have Klaas checked.  For some reason this time around, I was really worried about him and his well-being, that being overdue (just as long as Hazel) wouldn't go as well this time around.  So we called my mom and she came over.  We said we didn't know if we'd be back or not, but we'd call once we knew what the status was.

At the hospital, they hooked me up to the monitor and yes, Klaas was doing just fine, still wriggling around and having a fine heartbeat.  So I was relieved.  Then they asked if I wanted to get checked, just to see.  I said sure.  The nurse went to check and at first she had a strange look on her face.  She said, "I really don't want to get you too excited, but I think you're at a 7 or an 8."  I said, "No way!  Are you serious?"  Totally random contractions and I'm already that far?

We decided that we would not really believe it until someone else confirmed it.  Around 7, my doctor came in (at least that's when I think she came in, I can't really remember) and she confirmed that yes, I was already dilated to an 8.  Woah!  So we went ahead and broke my water to try and get things going more and get the little guy delivered.

All morning we walked around trying to get contractions going more, but nothing really.  Finally I went to lie down and Jason crashed out since he was tired from being woken up so early.  Things started getting more intense and I did a pretty horrible job of relaxing.  I think was very tense since all I could think about was what the sequence of events was and how much work it was getting a baby out.

Finally after several hours, around noon, I was fully dilated and ready to push.  And I started pushing.  And pushing.  And then I did some more pushing.  Jason was right there and super supportive and encouraging me to try as hard as I could.  I think both of us were thinking, "I hope this doesn't take as long as Hazel!"

After 2 hours, still no baby.  Someone commented on the time and I looked at Jason and said, "Really?!?  Isn't the second baby supposed to come faster?!?"  I got very discouraged and disappointed in myself, not that there was a whole lot I could have done differently.  I was all over the place trying different positions and trying to coax the little man out.

That was when the nurse (who was wonderful throughout the whole day) very quietly said to my doctor, "We could try an epidural to get her to relax more."  At that my ears perked up.  The one who always said, I never want an epidural!  I said, "Yes please!"

I looked over at Jason and asked if he thought it was ok.  I could tell he wasn't enthusiastic about the idea, but was thinking that maybe it could help.

So the anesthesiologist came down and I got the drugs.  At one point right after they put it in, I said my ears were a little fuzzy, so they played around with some things.  That was the moment in this delivery that Jason got nervous since any effects in the upper body can be signs of a potential problem, as far as I understand it.  Everything was fine, but he was very nervous about the whole procedure.

We got back down to business, and about 30 minutes of pushing later, through much coaxing, pitocin, and extra oxygen, Klaas was born, all 9 pounds, 14 ounces at 3pm on August 2.

He was adorable and we thought he looked just like Hazel.  We felt like old pros with him right away and he nursed perfectly.  He was definitely well-done as he had longer fingernails and wrinkly skin.  But definitely plenty of chub.

Now he's almost 16 months old and such a wonderful and silly part of our family.

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