Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I guess Jason's jug of the cheapo Carlo Rossi wine made an impression on Hazel.  Today in the middle of Winco, she announced to everyone that her daddy really loves wine.  (Not to worry, he has a glass of red wine with dinner every night, but that's it.)

Hazel asked to listen to the "beard music" this morning.  I had no idea what she was talking about until I remembered that we showed her a clip from O Brother Where Art Thou of the Soggy Bottom Boys singing with fake beards.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so today I made a pear and cream tart, cherry pie, and cranberry sauce.  Tomorrow we'll saute the green beans before heading over to a friend's house to celebrate God's goodness with all of their extended family.  Klaas obviously has no idea about holidays and such, but Hazel's very excited to see her friends (including a newborn baby) and eat lots of food.

We made hand turkeys last week.  Of course I forgot to mail them to the grandparents until today, so they won't arrive until after the holiday.  So here's a preview of the holiday greetings made by your creative grandchildren.

Because of our friends just having a new baby this week, Hazel has been checking with us to see if possibly, could the baby come out now?

Klaas has been talking more lately and even said a version of "please" yesterday when asking for a snack.  And I think we'll have to start doing finger painting again, since whenever Hazel gets out her paints and brushes, Klaas gets rather upset at not being included in the activity.  Maybe it's because he likes to try and lick the paint that I put out on the table.  When he stops doing that, maybe we'll consider expanding his artistic horizons.

Klaas is also following in his sister's steps and he loves to dance!  He has a funny little elbow dance he does, similar to the chicken dance at weddings.  He has the moves ladies, watch out.

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Shellie said...

Thank for the turkey hands. They are awesome.