Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moving On

This is the summer of friends moving away from Moscow. Off the top of my head, I can think of 4 families that are moving or have moved onto new adventures. Our good friends Keith and Nellie, along with Charlie, are now in Spokane - so just a hop, skip, and a jump away! But our very dear friends, Mark and Corinne left this weekend for Iowa City where Mark will be in school for his doctorate. We're so excited for this opportunity for him, but are beyond sad at seeing them leave.

Jason was roommates with Mark before we were married, Mark was in our wedding, and then he met his wonderful wife Corinne and they were married in 2006 (if I can remember correctly). They have been such good friends to us and so wonderful with Hazel and Klaas. Corinne is so sweet with the kids; Hazel loves going to see Uncle Mark and Aunt Corinne. She knows where they keep the toys in the coffee table and Hazel thinks they are just the best. She's already talking about seeing them on the computer via Skype.

We are praying that their new situation in Iowa is a blessing to them....and we're glad that Corinne is from the west side of Washington so we'll get to coordinate visits to see them semi-often, we're hoping!

Here are some pictures from a little going away party we had last weekend. This was after Mark and Corinne's huge going away party the church threw for them. Then we had another farewell dinner at our local Mexican restaurant last night. Many goodbyes, but since we won't see them for a while, it was good to have so much extra time with them.

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Mary and Jim said...

So sad to be separated from wonderful long-time friends. I hope you can see them once in a while!