Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Klaas took 3 steps on Monday, July 25. He has decided that walking is too silly though, and continues to crawl.
Hazel in her kitchen: puts an orange or another item in her pots, clangs them around, throws them up in the air, and exclaims, "Oh shoot!" I wonder who she is imitating here. Surely not I.

She also likes to put her play food in her pots, cook for a few minutes, and then yell, "It's burning!" (I seriously do not do this.)

While thinking of ideas for the kids' birthdays next week, Jason and I both agreed that Klaas would most like to receive a stick. (He's a boy. He likes to wave things around and poke people.) And that Hazel would like to go see animals somewhere around here. Luckily we have the universities and their vet programs....I will be doing internet research later. There is a large cat farm north of us, which might warrant a visit with Grandma Shellie when she comes.


Mary and Jim said...

The burning stuff she gets from me... and by "large cat farm" do you mean lots of cats-- or lions, tigers etc?

Shellie said...

I think both Hazel and Klaas would have been happy with getting a stick-not to poke people with, but for the pure joy of a stick.