Saturday, June 04, 2011

Spring is here....sort of

Today was a wonderfully sunny and warm day. We threw the cheerful, bike-helmet-loving Hazel and the not-so-down-with-the-bike-helmet Klaas into the carrier and rode on the bike trail to The Silo. I love it down there. It's a coffee shop in a complex of apartments and office space, complete with a vegetable and flower garden.
We had some lovely chocolate milkshakes and Hazel slurped down a very hip vanilla soda. Klaas sampled some shortbread.

This was the weekend to enjoy nice weather since the rain and cold is coming back next week.


Mary and Jim said...

Looks fun- another spot we need to try when we visit!

Elissa said...

Between the Silos and your hike to Elk River Falls you're really making me miss Idaho. A lot. :) Except maybe for the fact that you're still waiting for spring in June!