Sunday, June 05, 2011


It's finished! I pieced together this quilt top.....this is embarrassing.....two years ago.

This is a memory quilt made from my brother Phillip's plaid shirt collection. Suffice it to say, the man liked plaid shirts.

Now each branch of the Jolley family (my mom and dad, and my sister and brother-in-law, and us) has a quilt similar to this made from pieces we cut up years ago with one of our dear friends (who also has, or will finish at some point, her own version of this quilt).

My mom very nicely offered to put the back on it and quilt it for me. I love it! And our little family loves having something so "Phillip" in a quilt that we can share with our kids when we tell them about him.


Sophia said...

Ah yes. The plaid shirts. Just remembering Phillip meandering around in them, teasing you or throwing in some random trivia that only the Jolley trio would know, is making me smile!

Grace said...

This idea, and the quilt itself are beautiful.

Abby said...

Liz, I love this. What a great idea.

lindsey said...

that turned out wonderfully, liz. i love the grey sashing. and what a special memory.
(i actually did finish mine, about a year ago. it is actually the last thing i have posted on my blog! and it's one of my favorite quits. riley snuggles under it all the time, and it will be so perfect to look at together when we share the origin of his middle name someday.....=)