Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elk River Falls

A few weeks ago, it was warm enough for this:

But this weekend, despite it being Memorial Day, was not warm. However, we brave northwesterners headed out into the wild despite the rain. We went up to Elk River Falls (on the Clearwater River), a gorgeous and short little hike about an hour and a half east of us. Hazel and Klaas thoroughly enjoyed their sojourn in the woods. And the post-hike huckleberry milkshakes in the town of Elk River.

We had a lot of fun and saw a rainbow at the lower falls. Mark was a hero and toted Hazel back up the hill in the backpack.
When we went into Elk River, the town, we walked around for a bit and stopped in to check out the Elk River Community Bible Church. The buildling had some lovely stained glass windows. And the town has a gorgeous pond by downtown. Also a little airstrip. So if you ever want to fly your little Ultralight into Elk River, Idaho.....

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