Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The past few days

Klaas received his first haircut this weekend. And loved it. Jason wanted to trim his mini-mullet. And now my baby no longer has his baby fuzz. Sadness. I of course gathered up the fuzz, placed it in an envelope with the date written on it, and placed this little keepsake in Klaas' baby book....to be found years from now with an exclamation of, "Eww. Mom, why on earth did you save my hair?"
And the "baby" also has about 5 new teeth coming in on top and bottom. At dinner tonight he chomped down chunks of chicken like a champ. Sniff....he's ten months old already.
I made Alton Brown's salted caramels on Saturday. They turned out a little too soft, but delicious nonetheless. And Hazel pressed divots into them.
We went to Mark's birthday party this weekend. It was such a good time and there was oodles of homemade ice cream to boot. Afterwards, we of course took pictures of the children. (Hazel wanted to model her new dress from my mom.)
And the ladies.
Tonight the kids looked adorable after their bath.
I bought some spring garlic at the grower's market this afternoon. I added them to our sauteed green beans and they lent an oriental/stir fry-ey taste. We weren't expecting that, but it was yummy just the same.
And that is the last few days in at our house.


Mary and Jim said...

Looks like the dress will be long enough for a growing girl! And he may say "ewww" to the hair, but you will appreciate saving it!

Anonymous said...

My favorite kiddos!