Friday, May 27, 2011

Our family conversations

Most recent naughty/funny conversation.

Jason: Hazel, move your biscuits! (What we call her tush/our encouragement to move a little more quickly.)

Hazel: I don't want to move my biscuits.....anymore.....mister.

Jason: How about you just call me Daddy?

Hazel: Mister Daddy.

She also called Jason, "Mr. Man" tonight, something that I call Klaas quite often.

Today at the Storm Cellar she said, "Mom, I'm going to go look at the shoes, ok?" "Ok Hazel." "Oh Mom, these shoes are so cute!" (Moves to the next pair of shoes and picks them up.) "Mom, these shoes are so cute!" (Moves to the next get the idea.)

While I was looking through the shirts on the top rack, she browsed through the blouses on the bottom rack. "Mom! I'm looking at clothes!" And then she proceeds to study each shirt, giving it serious consideration.

I scanned some old pictures while I was at my parents' this weekend. I think Klaas definitely looks like me when I was a baby. But since he looks very similar to Hazel at the same age, I wonder how he'll end up. I need to get some toddler and baby pictures of Jason to compare.

My brother, me, and baby Anne.

My grandmother Mary holding me with my cousin Kayte.


Mary and Jim said...

You sure that is you and not Anne? I need to get out the Anne pictures before Little Man arrives!

Liz said...

Well it says ESJ on it and it was in the 1982 section...

Kayte said...

Oh that is a great pic! I have one of the three of us later on...and oh my look at my socks! so 80's!