Thursday, May 26, 2011


We got outside for a bit today, despite it not being that warm. But that didn't stop Hazel from showing off her hose skills.

One of our bitty rosemary plants.

Some flowers we found on our walk. I know the greenery will wilt tomorrow and just soaks up the water, but it is so pretty I have to leave them all on.

Our little garden out front. This weekend we need to move our tomatoes to big pots since this was just a temporary place for them. There really isn't a ton of room for them to spread out. But we have some nice little leeks and green onions going, radishes (courtesy of Hazel going to the co-op craft day), some super happy cilantro, and bell pepper plants.

What are you looking at?

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Janae Hale said...

Leeks: yum!