Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Autumn Leaves Posh Vest

I finished Hazel's new sweater, and it is cuuute. (Not to toot my own horn. See previous post.)
But I am proud of how it turned out and I love the way it looks on her. Of course, I think everything looks cute on Miss H. This was a great pattern and while it looks complicated with the "flowery" thingys on the yoke, it's really an easy stitch. So if you are of the knitting persuasion, here's the link. I used the free 2 year old size version, but upped the needle size to a 6 and added quite a bit of length to the body since my daughter takes after me with a long torso.

And of course it makes me happy that she says it's pretty and she wears it willingly without bribes. That is the best part.


Corinne said...

Looks fabulous Liz! Way to go!

Mary and Jim said...

I think the model helps make it look even better!

Shellie said...

Both the model and the sweater are fabulous.

Janae Hale said...

super cute!