Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some encouragement

I am constantly (from my own love of wasting time) surfing blogs and reading about what other people are doing with their kids, making for dinner, going on vacation, etc... It is so easy for us to become discontent with where we are in life and the path the Lord has given us to walk.

Jason and I really felt convicted and encouraged by two sermons recently at our church. So I thought I would share them with you and I pray that the Lord would use His word to speak to you as well to show us all how to walk more uprightly with Him.

One is entitled The Poison of Sidelong Glances. This really cut me to the quick in my tendency to compare myself to my friends and/or strangers and their lives (rather silly thing to do really). In fact I need to listen to it again this afternoon. Perhaps daily.

The other was called The Principle Thing and is on how we respond to trials in our lives and what the appropriate response should be.

Please give these a listen! They are spot on.

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Shellie said...

Haven't listened yet, but I definitely will as it is an area I struggle with.