Monday, March 07, 2011


Last night when I went to bed I found Hazel sprawled out across our bed instead of hers, along with all her stuffed animals.

When I moved her, she sleepily asked, "What are you doing Mommy?"

This morning, I woke up to her lying in her bed, chattering away to herself. "There's Dolly. Where's Danny? Oh, there's Mommy's foot. [I had shifted and my foot was sticking out from under the blanket.] I want to tickle Mommy." Thankfully she didn't follow through on that thought.

Then while we were still waking up she was keeping up the running commentary, asking where her turtle was, if she could do a tea party with all her animals, where her toad book was.... She certainly wakes up faster than the two of us. My only response was an occasional, "Uh huh. Sure."

And then our sweet little guy came in to join us. Now he is also chattering away with "Ba ba ba" and giggling at basically everything Hazel does.

Did I mention that he is starting to pull himself up? I wonder if he'll be walking by this summer.

And Hazel seems to be sleeping a little better in our room for some reason. She used to wake up a bit with bad dreams, but hasn't at all the last few days since she's been in our room while we sleep train the boy. So we actually haven't woken up until almost 8 a few times...which hasn't happened in a while. But I am looking forward to getting my room back soon.

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