Friday, March 04, 2011

Parenting, the only thing you have to give up is....

any number of things including, and not limited to, privacy, sleep, and your ability to read in bed with the lamp on.

We have finally gotten Klaas to sleep through the night the last 3 nights - with actual minimal crying. Hurrah! All we had to do was put him in Hazel's room and she has slept in our room. We tried that method since she doesn't wake up as easily as he does and she would sleep just fine once we came to bed. And without any crying it out, he slept from 10 until 7.

So now the next step is to introduce Hazel back into the kids' room and hope Klaas still sleeps through until morning.

We can do it. I know we can.

And here's another story for you. Hazel accidentally ate a glob of wasabi last night when we went out to dinner.

Jason and I were both watching Klaas at the time and then all of a sudden, Hazel stood up and started gasping. I couldn't figure out what was going on. She was chewing and crying and gasping. She couldn't talk and say what was happening. It was at that point I looked down and realized she had had an accident....all over the place. So I thought she was just surprised that she had wet her pants.

But then I saw my plate and saw that the wasabi was gone. That was when we really started getting excited. Jason jumped up to try and wipe out her mouth. Then I started giving her rice and chicken to eat. After a few minutes things calmed down a bit and she was ok.

Afterwards we just kept laughing about the whole thing, while being thankful she didn't choke on the giant piece of sushi she was also eating at the time or throw up her entire dinner.

The rest of dinner she asked before each bite whether or not it was spicy.


Anonymous said...

Now for a new phase-the dread of anything that might be spicy.

Jeff.n.Tia said...

Oh that is so funny and so terrible, poor Hazel! Maybe she will develop a taste for spicier foods now, who knows! After all, Wasabi kind of tops the "brain burn" category of spiciness, lol. Personally, it's among my very favorite of "drool" foods. ;o)

Now you have yet one more funny memory of your kids, and I'm sure it will be treasured (to laugh about) when you look back upon it as Hazel grows older! :)

Liz said...

She really likes spicy normally...I just think a big piece of wasabi wasn't what she was expecting/too much spice all in one bite. :) She even tolerates spicy better than I do!

Sophia said...

Poor Hazel! Loved reading your blog, Liz. :)