Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One of those days

Today is one of those days. I would love for it to be 65 degrees so we could get outside. Instead we are home with all three of the stay-at-home people under the weather. We all have colds, runny noses, and the cranks. Hazel is back in her room attempting nap #2 since nap #1 was rather short and resulted in an un-rested little one who had a meltdown after finishing playing with playdough. I think Hazel is like most kids in that when they're sick, sometimes it's harder than usual to convince them to nap.

Klaas is cranky too, crawling around and screaming like a wounded puppy if something falls away from him or he can't reach something. It actually is rather funny (but I also feel bad for him since he is supremely congested).

And of course when the mama doesn't feel great either, she has to work extra hard to be cheerful and try to find activities for everyone to do.

So I'm just praying we get better soon with massive doses of vitamins and eating lots of oranges. And that a miracle happens here on the Palouse and a warm spring comes soon. It is already in the high 40s and low 50s. Around here that means people start wearing sandals (seriously), but it still is rather chilly. But we've just become tough northwesterners and bundle up the children so they can run around outside to try and get rid of the wiggles. Counterproductive I realize to getting over a cold, but when you're 2 and a half and there's no snow outside, the grass just calls to you to kick balls around and sit in the sled you refused to play with earlier in the year.

Now I'm going to go finish the dishes and make chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate cures colds, right?

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