Friday, October 15, 2010

Has it really only been a year?

Ever since Klaas was born, we've been looking at old pictures of Hazel to compare to him. Also, we've been looking back to see how much Hazel has changed.

I can't believe that this was just a year ago.


Mary and Jim said...

I was remembering our day there when we were in Port Gamble the other day- the trees were turning and it reminded me of our photo session with her and those cute pictures by the fence! She is so grown up now!

Cheryl said...

Wow--doesn't seem like it was just a year ago! I love the photo of the trees--reminds me of our days spent with Tim & Robyn (and boys) Witt in Vermont last month. They so wish they could keep up w/ you guys and your children! Robyn home-schools, too, so has wonderful insights! Love ya all, Aunt Cheryl