Friday, October 15, 2010


Just today I found a few links for some items I'd love to get Hazel and Klaas for presents, so of course I'm starting to think about gifts to celebrate the New Year.

Aren't these personalized plates adorable? They're from Sarah and Abraham.

And a friend linked to this toymaker after they bought a train car for their son for his first birthday. They look beautiful!
We were thinking about finding a nice wooden Noah's Ark set for Hazel and Klaas. We like the idea of having nice toys that they can play with on Sundays to make the Sabbath extra special. I just started looking, but haven't found anything quite right yet. They seem to either be super beautiful and handmade (translation: expensive) or garishly colored and cheap-looking. So we'll just keep hunting!

Do you know of any great toy websites? Or adorable gift ideas? Post them in the comment section!

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Shellie said...

I love the idea of toys that make the Lord's Day special. I will certainly be on the look out. Did you check out the art prints on that sight. Very cute.