Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Days

Here are some recent pictures of the little people that we live with. Things have been so wonderfully fall-ish and crisp lately. We have been getting out as much as possible to enjoy the weather! And I realized that potty training is something that I really just have to force myself to do since it's definitely not high on my list of "favorite things." So soon, I will have to just bite the bullet and focus on it. She'll probably still have accidents quite a bit, but I think we need to move a bit more out of the diaper stage and into the underroos stage of life. This will also help with mixups: today at Bible study I just grabbed a diaper out of my bag to hand to the babysitter for Hazel. When we got home I realized that she had needed a change and was now wearing Klaas' size 2 diaper. Whoops!

The little man rolling around.

Cuddling her baby.

Wrapping up a doll for a nap.

Loving on brother/Klaas being choked to death

Assisting Dad in making fresh apple juice.

Hazel stacking blocks and Klaas wondering how to get a little closer.

Hazel and her PUMPKIN! (She always says it with major excitement.)
And Klaas is turning out to be the sweetest and most adorable baby boy we've had to date. He has the best smile and loves to talk to us and tell us all about what's going on around him. He's already rolling from his stomach to his back and loves to kick at the toys in his bouncy chair. He is such a sweetie with one little dimple on his right cheek - just too cute for words! He was baptized this weekend, so I need to post some pictures. We also went and pressed cider, an annual tradition that Jason and I have done for six years now! So that will be coming soon to a blog near you!

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The Bakkens said...

We once had a very messy scenario when the boys were being watched at their grandma's. Patrick came home with a very yucky diaper... a very yucky size 1 diaper. Guess that's all they had left. I've been buying size 3 recently for both Patrick and Isaiah. Simplifies things!