Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn Crafts

Some of my more recent projects. I have more projects (Klaas' new hat, Jason's hat, and new throw pillows) to take pictures of and post, hopefully sometime soon!

Hazel's new skirt. It started out as a shirt, but I realized after I had cut it out that I had the fabric upside-down. So I cut off the top part, added some elastic, and TA DA....skirt!

A monogram that will be going in our room. Hopefully more to come on that eventually since I'm finally getting around to hanging up pictures.

Our table last week: leaves collected on one of our walks, "pumpkins" (or gourds and seed pods) from the Farmer's Market, and pine cones Hazel and I picked up at the park. Not really crafty, but fallish.

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