Friday, September 04, 2009

Now, September

It's been quite a while since I to catch you all up on the past few weeks:

We are now setteld (or sort-of settled) into a new little apartment, now complete with internet. At first we thought we would go crazy with no internet for two weeks, but we somehow survived.
Hazel refuses to walk. So I guess she'll just do that in her own time.
Went to the Lentil Festival. Hazel ate lentil chili.
I have painted two of our four kitchen chairs sky blue. Maybe I'll finish them this afternoon.

I made peach chutney and jam yesterday. Yummers.

We're going camping again this weekend.

Our good friend Janae came to visit for a week - fabulous times!

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Aunt Cheryl, Ripon said...

Thanks for all the adorable photos--I also like the one of the pink dalias (?) and the sunflowers that you were buying at the market...I am glad that you had a good time w/ Janae. You guys are so lucky to have so maintained the wonderful friendships that you made in H.S. and also from college days. You probably know that I had a "mini reunion" last June w/ 6 friends from Dordt days (1973-74) and it is awesome to be able to treasure those past friendships as well as making new ones. God bless you in your new apt., even if it is little at least you have internet now:) Much love to you both.