Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jammin' it up

I guess this has turned into a tradition now: the Labor Day campout. This was the third year we've gone camping with Keith and Nellie, this time down to Winchester Lake. Sadly Mark and Corrine couldn't join us due to having the flu. Good times, except that it was COLD and quite rainy. The babies did pretty well, but once we were home, Hazel was much happier and slept in stretches longer than an hour.

Sitting with Dad after breakfast wearing about six layers, including two sweatshirts.

The Dutch baby twins, Charlie and Hazel.

Before the cold came, practicing sitting in a chair.

Last week I made peach chutney and peach raspberry jam. Yum.

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Mary and Jim said...

Must be good since you were grinning so much!