Thursday, August 20, 2009

The California trip, just a few pictures

Baby Kate with Mama Mel and Daddy Will.

None of the pictures of me and Mel turned out, so here's the one where she looks cute and Kate is fussing and Hazel and I look high.

Good old friends! Lindsey, Herman, Spencer, and Riley.

Spencer and Hazel.

Baby Mason, our new nephew.

Shellie with two of her adorable grandkids. Kenny, being the awesome kid that he is, and Hazel, thinking about escaping.

Baby in the bathroom.

Hazel having fun exploring the Sacramento airport while I try to not think about what is on the floor.


Kayte said...

i have almost the same picture of morgan in the mirror!! and they look somewhat alike...i will have to try and unearth it :)

Mary and Jim said...

So Spencer has all the hair- sorry!

Christine said...

Sometimes you just have to let them is better for everybody.

lindsey said...

hey, liz! glad you're back...i was sort of going thru liz-blog-withdrawals.
wow - we made your blog! hooray! i need to see how my pics came out from that fun glad we got to see y'all! that was fun.