Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tsk, tsk Sunset

Moscow made Sunset Magazine!

However, they sadly made poor decisions when it came to their dining choices. While the article did mention the Co-op, the Kenworthy, MaryJane's Farm, and the Natural Abode, the writers ate dinner at the Coeur d'Alene Brewery.

Now, while I am told that their beers are good (I wouldn't know as a wino), their food is nothing to write home about. If I were in Moscow for only one night, that would not be the restaurant I would pick. Nectar, Red Door, or West of Paris are much better options. Wonder why they went there? Very sad that none of those other locally-owned restaurants did not get a mention in the article.


Mary and Jim said...

I wondered the same- didn't seem to capture the essence of Moscow!

Sarah said...

I though the same thing. The Brewery is a little bit better than eating at Denny's!