Friday, August 07, 2009

Rainy Day

Today is a lovely rainy day. Even though we couldn't get out for our morning stroll, I loved it. The wonderful thing about the house where we are staying right now is that it is surrounded by trees and I love watching the rain come down on the pine trees.

So we've been staying cozy this morning and to avoid putting laundry away, I whipped up a new skirt. (Trying to take a picture of yourself in the mirror is rather hard I've discovered.) But now I need to go be useful and feed the baby lunch.

But before I go, here's a neato little tablecloth I found at a local antiques store. I just love travel linens. I saw a very cool Alaska tablecloth from the '50s at another store, but for some reason decided not to get it.

And here's Hazel's new little doll that we made for her birthday. I say "we" because while I cut it out and sewed most of it together, Jason finished stitching her head closed and drew her little smirky face. Don't you love crafty husbands?


grace said...

Well done Liz!
I love the pattern of the skirt and the doll is just adorable. Which thrift store are we taking about here so I can go?

Jason said...

I got the Australia one at Now and Then - down on Palouse River Drive. They had a lot of nice things - and the other place was Open Eye in Palouse. Have you been out there? We should go sometime!

Tiffany said...

That little doll is too cute! I love that it was a team effort! And, your new skirt is lovely too. I hope to see your cute self in it one day soon! I miss you!