Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An inadequate ode to summer

Fresh berries and peaches. Fresh vegetables at every dinner. Peas, beans, potatoes, kale, squash, and fennel. Morning walks with the sun shining. Birds darting about in bushes. Picnics at the park. Days at the pool, chlorine and sun, splashing. Dirty baby knees and toes from climbing all over the lawn. Homemade ice cream and peach pie. Raspberries and blueberries on everything. Birthday parties outside. Summer rain showers and thunderstorms at night. Picking tomatoes. Line-dried laundry. Sunburned shoulders. Farmer's Market and strolling with the baby yelling out hello at every dog she sees.

I love summer.


AnneMarie said...

And I love your daughter's hair! Super-stylish!

Mary and Jim said...

that last picture could be of any Seattleite once the sun comes out!