Sunday, February 08, 2009

This is the day

that the Lord has made.

We've had a very fun day so far. Wonderful church service this morning. And Hazel's first cereal. She ate quite a bit, which we're not so surprised at since she wants to put everything in her mouth anyway.

And then some giggly times before a nap. Which are few and far between (the giggles, not naps). Usually when we try to make her laugh, she'll smile. But in order to get a giggle, it better be pretty hilarious. Like Dad bopping up and down above her bed.


AnneMarie said...

And her nickname shall henceforth be "Squeaker"

Mary and Jim said...

Another milestone! She is growing up too fast!

TheFiveDays said...

Stopping by for the first time...what a cutie Hazel is! Wow, she was eating her cereal like a pro!! Amazing! I have three little ones and none of them handled their first cereal that well.

And that video of her giggling in bed is the best. I will never get tired of baby giggles!! :)


Sarah said...

Great videos Liz!! I love those giggles and she seems to love that cereal. I'd say it's a success that she didn't gag and cry like my kids both did the first time around. :)

Aunt Cheryl said...

Cute photos--never could get that much cereal in either Renee' or Eric's mouths--all over ME, the chair, the bib but not in their mouths where it belonged.
Love the cute little wrap she has on--kind of like a papoose.
And yes, her daddy bopping up and down would be enough for a giggle (or two.)