Friday, February 06, 2009

The continuing saga

First of all - for you inquiring minds out there: a shim is a flat piece of wood used in construction. For example, when you're installing door trim and you need to even it out. I'm sure Jason could give you a more precise definition.

And now, the story of the Subaru. It is gone. And we are sad.

Jason got into an accident a few weeks ago, trying to save the life of a neighborhood cat, and another car got in the way. He's fine thank goodness, and the other car is fine too. But the Subaru had to be put down.

I never thought of myself as a "car person," but when thinking about the Chevy Luv, I realized how much of our lives are related to our cars. There are so many memories connected with our cars. My parents got the Subaru for me after I graduated from college (again - a huge thank you to Mom and Dad!) for us to have once we got married and lived in Idaho. Prepping for snow I guess.

The Subaru was the car we took on honeymoon, all the way up to Vancouver, and then over to Idaho. We have slept in the car, eaten way too much fast food in it, driven it to Seattle countless times, and once down to California. We've been stuck in the snow in this car, drove Hazel to her first doctor appointments, and each of us have gotten speeding tickets while driving it. It's been to Yellowstone, Vancouver Island, Port Angeles, Mount Rainier, the Grand Tetons, San Francisco, and Modesto.

On our honeymoon, it was so stuffed with camping gear and extraneous stuff, we had to have a system down to unpack and repack the car every night when we got to a different campground. It was our faithful car that we took on the paper route in the early mornings. (It replaced the Luv when the brakes went out on the truck.) We once slid down a hill and smacked into parked pickup. When we drove down to California our first Christmas being married, we took Miranda with us. She was a very content little cat, perched on top of a stack of bags (we always overpack).

The Subaru also helped us move to the three places we've lived in 3 1/2 years of marriage.

Toodloo Subaru! Hopefully your replacement is as faithful.

Jason ready to show his ID on his
way back into the US on our honeymoon.

Driving it was a joy!

Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park - Honeymoon. The car served as our dining area when it rained that night.

Serving as the camera-holder near St. Helena, California.
So happy - singing or something.

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Mary and Jim said...

Dale will be so sad, He looked SO long for that car for you!