Sunday, February 08, 2009

Oh my word

I love the fact that my mother-in-law works in the public schools. She has oh so many stories. But this one comes from my sister-in-law, who also works at a public school.

How would you pronounce this name: La-a

Post your guesses!


Wesley said...


AnneMarie said...


Nate had a friend in MI who taught school as well and had a kid named Sha-thee-ed

It was spelled Shithead.

True Story.

Zack and Jess said...

lah-d-aye? Maybe?

TheFiveDays said...


Iris said...

Lay-uh? Like Princess Leia?

Aunt Cheryl said...

I already know the answer--but it will still never cease to amaze me that anyone could do that to their child but make sure you ask about "Baby"'s family and their names. :) Aunt Cheryl