Friday, February 22, 2013

What we want for our kids and family (a short and imcomplete list)

to love Christ and to show that love daily
to be independent
to be creative
to bond with our family first and then branch out to other people
to be good thinkers, to be analytical
to not worry about what others think
to be modest, in dress and in attitude
to eat well, cook well
to grow and store food on our own
to own land someday
to live in the country (ish) and be in nature as much as possible
to live simply, in as small a home as is realistic for our family size
to love the classics, in clothes, books, food, theology
to learn and practice skills not commonly used anymore: carpentry, sewing, masonry, gardening, home preservation, knitting, etc....
to love, really love, the simple things in life
to have a passion for school, homeschooling, and do that in a creative way
to not be worried or stressed about things that might happen, but to trust that the Lord is in control of every aspect of our lives and has a good and perfect plan for all of us
to do our best in everything, to try harder, to never give up
for our daughter and sons to know and love what it is to be female and male and to celebrate the differences that the Lord has given each gender
to love each other
to like wearing moccasins

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