Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What she wore

Hazel's fashion post of the day.

She recommends wearing the following for four-year olds who want to be "on trend" for fall: 
  • wear your "boat shirt" because you like it...a lot
  • wear your favorite summer skirt because it's awesomely out of season
  • striped tights will complete every outfit
  • of course add a super hero cape/apron to finish off the look
  • if you are extra lucky, your mom will let you out of the house looking like this and add the finishing touch: a pink and grey fair isle sweater

Or if you're headed out to play, she would recommend a white eyelet summer skirt (again, out-of-season clothes are the best way to go), sparkly shirt, and fringed boots.  Of course add your favorite pink "snow jacket" because...it's your favorite.

If you can, find something you and your mother can agree on.  In this case: a very cute fox sweater.  Mom likes it because of the foxes.  Hazel also likes it because of the foxes...and the pink trim and bow. 

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