Monday, November 05, 2012

Jason: Psalm 23
Klaas: Psalm 23
Jason: a psalm of David
Klaas: a psalm of David
Jason: The Lord is my shepherd..
Klaas: The Lord is my shepherd. I can't want it.

Hazel: [Singing the Hebrew alphabet] "Aleph, bet, gimmel..."
Hazel and Klaas together: "Dalet, he, vav, zayin..."
Klaas by himself: "E, I, E, I, O!"

In the dairy section today, Hazel said, "I would really like some stick cheese!" (String cheese.)
Me: "Ok, that would be fine." And I reach for the generic brand bag.
Hazel:  "Not that one, this one!"
She indicates the brand name cheese complete with a cartoon character on the front.
Me: "Why do you want that one?"
Hazel: "Because it has the fun cheese man on the front!"  

Hoorah, we have now entered the phase where I will be trying to explain the fact that it is the exact same product, probably made in the same factory, and the only difference is the price and the design of the container.

Casper doesn't have much to say these days, other than "coo" and "gurgle."

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