Sunday, August 26, 2012

We love our new place.  We've been here since March and are so blessed to have four other families live all around us that have become our friends.  We knew almost all of them before we moved in and have really enjoyed living near them.  Last week we had an Italian progressive dinner at our houses.  We started off with delicious (!) cocktails and bruschetta at Bill and Sarah's, yummy spaghetti and meatballs byf Julie and Daniel and Henry and Anna, stuffed bell peppers at our place, and then a layered strawberry cake by Allie and Andy.  Good good times.  

And I would recommend the bell pepper recipe.  It was from Giada de Laurentiis.  Stuffed peppers with a basil sauce.  Summer goodness.
On Friday we started what we hope to continue every weekend until it gets cold: outdoor movie night.  Jason stretched one of our sheets on our back wall, Bill brought his projector, and Henry brought his speakers.  We set up a rug and chairs, made popcorn and root beer floats, and projected Maverick.  Such a good time.  Of course we waited until the end of August when the nights are getting cool, so by halfway through the movie, we were all wearing sweaters, hats, and were bundled up in blankets.  But we're tough north Idahoans.  We're going to do it again this weekend if we can.  Wine and cheese and.....maybe Star Wars or Indiana Jones?

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