Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things they have been saying lately:
H: When I grow up, I'm just going to marry some guy.  We're going to live at Evie's house.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
H:   A princess.  I'll wear my crown, my clip earrings, my ring, and this big poofy dress. [She was wearing an old fancy dress of mine at the time.] 
Me: Wouldn't you like to be a doctor or a teacher?
H:  No, just a princess.  I'm going to have a girl baby when I grow up.

H(4yo): Daddy, who should I marry?
Jason: A nice young man who is big and strong and kind and loving and has his affairs in order.
H: Yeah, some guys are nice for a second, but then they are bad.
Me: Too true, Haze. Too true.

(They had a discussion of the phrase "ulterior motives" last night.  Apparently it was taken to heart and applied.)

Look Mom, seesaw!  Klaas trying to balance his full cup of milk on the end of his spoon.

I yuv you Ca-per.  I yuv you Mommy.  I yuv you Daddy.  I yuv you Sissy.

Casper is very smiley, but I have been unable to capture one yet.  He's almost 10 weeks old.  He loves to be cuddled and is incredibly easy.  I love him. 

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Mary and Jim said...

Miss all of you! Casper seems to change daily. He is probably trying to figure out what the other 2 are up to and why he can't participate!