Sunday, August 05, 2012

Vaughn, Friday and Saturday

We had such a wonderful visit with good friends this summer.  Our friend Corinne's family has owned a cabin on Vaughn Bay in Washington for years.  I believe the land was originally purchased by her great-grandfather.  We have typically gone on a group camping trip with the Reagans and the Dimelers every summer, but this year for convenience since the Reagans would be in western Washington visiting family, Corinne's family graciously invited us all to come for a long weekend at Vaughn.

Here are pictures from Friday and Saturday.  We got there and put away our things and immediately got down to the business of vacationing.  Some dug for clams (I supervised), the kids played from sunup to sundown, we made t-shirts to commemorate the vacation (Jason made the stencil after we talked about trying to make souvenirs for everyone), knitted, chatted, went out on a boat, drank beer, and swung (swang?) on the swing. 

Also, Klaas got a black eye by falling down the stairs. 


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