Thursday, August 02, 2012

Busy busy busy

We got back yesterday from a wonderful vacation to Vaughn, Washington (thousands of pictures to come; you have been warned).  We also got to start our visit with Jason's grandparents when we got back into town last night.

But of course today is Klaas' 2nd birthday and yesterday was Hazel's 4th birthday!  Where has the time gone?  Our little people are getting so big.  Cliched, yes.  But true?  Also yes.  More on their birthdays later once we have time to do a little celebrating tomorrow.

This has been the month of visiting.  Casper was born in June so my awesome mom and dad came out to help and my mom stayed for a week.  Then she left and came back a few weeks later again.  Then my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew came for the weekend (fun for the little cousins!).  Next was my mother-in-law and she had a really nice visit and got to spend lots of time with Hazel and Klaas.  Then came our vacation (yay!) and now we are enjoying Jason's grandparents.  Whew! 

And today is our first day back at home.  Thankfully the kids and I all slept in until almost 9am (yay again!).  But since then it's been: up to make breakfast, nurse Casper, start the first of many loads of laundry, clean dishes, figure out my new drying rack (thanks Mom and Dad), bounce Casper and put him to bed, change diapers, get kids dressed (but forgot to brush Hazel's hair or brush their teeth), sort out more clean from dirty clothes, start putting away miscellaneous things, remember that I too need to shower and dress, feed Casper again, try to find Klaas' new saw, keep the kids out of the bag of grass seed in the yard, water our tomatoes, then decide to start The Adventures of Robin Hood for the kids since Klaas was melting and it was only 10:30 am (we all have colds and are tired).  I was happy at this point that Grandpa and Grandma came and could read to Hazel and Klaas while I fixed lunch.  Now we're all fed and the kids are napping and I am enjoying a Hansen's mandarin lime soda (for me, this is how summer tastes) before continuing on my tidying crusade and then getting ready to go to the dentist. 

Quite the busy Thursday.

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