Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An update, without the BIG news

Not surprisingly, our little guy's due date has come and gone.  He's still looking perfectly healthy and so we're just waiting for labor to start.  I go back and forth between being very impatient and wanting to just "get it over with" and being perfectly contented waiting until it's the right time.  Since this is number 3 that is late, Jason has developed a wonderful "it's all in God's timing" approach which is a good reminder when I'm feeling antsy.  Also since this guy was measuring a little small at his 20 week ultrasound, we're extra-not-surprised that he isn't here yet.  

So we've begun (for the third time, yet again) the tradition of the bi-weekly non-stress test where they watch the baby for 20 minutes to an hour to make sure his heartrate is doing what it should (to measure his oxygen levels, and to make sure the placenta isn't getting too old).  Here are some pictures from last night.  We actually were at the hospital for quite a while since his heart rate was higher than it normally is.  But an ultrasound showed that he was fine and he eventually settled down somewhat.  This morning we were back to check him out again and he passed all the tests with flying colors.  Hoorah!  

This week we've managed to have a park date and some time playing marching band.  The fun lasted for a bit, until there was some scuffling over who could play the harmonica.  

We're trying to finish up our projects and keep up the garden (potatoes are up, tomatoes are finally growing since it started to get a little warmer, and the gladiola bulbs my mom brought out are also popping) and keep the house together.  I get a lot of help from Hazel and Jason, since they are both able to bend at the waist to pick things up off the floor.   

So that's our little update for now.  We're praying that our new son will make his appearance soon, but still thinking it will be a while yet.

*Another random update.  We found out part way through this pregnancy that it would actually be cheaper to use our health insurance to have the baby at the hospital.  So no homebirth this time around.  We were disappointed that we couldn't use our fabulous midwife, but we still love the doctor who delivered Hazel and Klaas, so we get to use her again.  

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Shellie said...

Sorry about the random update. I know that you were looking forward to the homebirth.