Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekending (from last week)

We did quite a bit last weekend and then all came down with a yucky cold.  But Jason got a bit done on our new shed in the back yard, we played outside most of the day Saturday, planted onion starts, ate outside every meal, made strawberry-rhubarb crisp, and went on a bike ride (I was very sore come Monday morning.)  Saturday night Hazel and I had a little date to see a dance recital that some of her older friends were in.  So she is very excited about starting up Irish Step classes this fall.

Of course this being the northwest, our weather ranged from the 50s on Friday to the 70s on Sunday.  But also being good northwesterners, we were outside as long as it wasn't raining!

Since Saturday, we've also added four Big Boy tomato plants and two Early Girl tomatoes to our garden area.  We might even buy a few more since we had a nice crop last year and want to preserve some of our garden harvest come fall.

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