Friday, April 27, 2012

A spring week

Weather this week was unseasonably warm here on the Palouse.  Of course it gradually transitioned into the cold and rainy weather we're used to in April and the beginning of May.  But on Monday and Tuesday, we were outside a lot, playing at the park and in the water outside (I still need to locate the air blower that is hidden amongst our camping stuff in order to inflate the wading pool.)

Wednesday was the awards ceremony for Hazel's AWANA group.  She finished her book so she got a certificate (very proud) and a mini Cubbie bear (her age group's little mascot).  We got to watch them all sing their Cubbie theme song.  Quite adorable.

Then it rained the rest of the week.  While I did lots of dishes and cleaning on Thursday, the kids watched part of Pete's Dragon on YouTube.  You can tell they were enthralled.

Klaas helped me out with some mopping.

Today was cold again, but when we got home from my checkup (34 weeks!) they ran around outside for a while.  And they looked cute, so I had to take pictures.


And we're working more on writing her name, so here is her latest success (with lots of help).  Very proud of her!

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