Thursday, February 09, 2012


We now know who the barometer of sickness is in our family: Klaas.  He definitely has a weaker stomach than Hazel; he was a major spitter-upper as a baby and has thrown up several times in his 18 months of life.  Klaas came down with the flu on Tuesday.  Now Hazel and Jason are weathering the storm.  I feel mostly fine, slightly queasy, but hoping that nothing worse happens. 

So that's our week.  Jason, by the way, was such a good dad on Tuesday night with Klaas (not meaning he is normally not a good dad, but you know what I mean).  He slept with Klaas in the hallway so Klaas would be closer to the bathroom and not wake Hazel up every few hours to run the sick kiddo to the toilet.  Sacrificial love to sleep on the floor with the baby.

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Shellie said...

That is quite sweet, but good dads are married to good moms. That flu seems to be going around everywhere.