Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I started following a really wonderful blog recently, Dee*Construction.  She lives in New Zealand, which of course makes it wonderful this time of year to see her family on their summer vacation since it's a bit chilly up here in the northwest.  I also would love to have her collection of vintage linens.  And she seems like a wonderful person.  I think we'd be good friends.

She just did a post on making your home ready for a new baby (she's due any day with baby #5).  It's part of a series she's been doing talking about birth.  I enjoyed reading it and getting fresh ideas of what to have on hand so we can relax as much as possible after our baby makes his debut.

Photo credit: dee*construction blog.                                 

Oh yes, the baby is a boy!  We're excited.

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Grace said...

That room looks like a retreat. baby or not.