Saturday, February 04, 2012

Extended Family

 Here are some of the family pictures we had taken down in California with Jason's family.  

Grandma Julie and Grandpa Clarence with all of their grandkids and great-grandkids.

First in the birth order, Aunt Cheryl, and her family.

Next in line, Sharon and her family.
Then, Shelia's family (minus Shelia and Ron).

Jason's mom, Shellie, and her family. Us, Jason's sister Liz, her husband Jay, and their two boys, Mason and Micah.  Then Jason's youngest sister,Sara, husband Mark, and their two boys, Kenny and Isaac.

And then the baby, Shar, with her family.

 All of the great-grandbabies.  Though one isn't a baby anymore (at the wise age of 6) and there are 2 more babies due this year.

Hazel and one of her favorite puppies.

Hazel and her great-grandpa.
You'll notice that there is a theme here.  Basically the easiest way to get Hazel to cooperate and smile was to let her hold the puppies during pictures.

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