Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The goodness of summer

This week I've made this breakfast crisp twice: once with apricots and peaches and a second time with apricots, blueberries, and peaches. It's delicious with Jason's homemade yogurt on top. Yum.

This is the recipe I used to make Klaas' apricot cupcakes with brown sugar frosting. I don't know if I loved the cupcakes all that much, but the frosting is delicious with a capital D.

And I also made these delicious turnovers with blueberries and peaches this weekend. I think I'll have to make some more.

And I have a lot of basil that is being made into pesto. We also have three freshly butchered chickens in our freezer that are just waiting to be eaten.

I love summer and all its food.

1 comment:

Shellie said...

The blueberry/peach turnovers were awesome. I agree the cupcakes were good, but the frosting definitely topped it (stupid pun I know.)
I have to say that summer food is the best, especially when made by you.